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Dicentra Eximia Fernleaf Bleeding Heart


Bleeding Hearts are fascinating , to think a flower can develop into a heart  is utterly  amazing.

Dicentra Eximia Fernleaf Bleeding Heart  last all season unlike some bleeding hearts that seem to go dormant when warm weather appears.

The leaves are deeply cut, grey green and fern like. The pink flowers are heart shaped with an inner petal that drips from the outer petals  hence creating the appearance that the heart is bleeding.

 The flowers of Dicentra eximia are  much smaller and longer than the old-fashion bleeding heart. Plus they bloom all season long.

• Wildflower Garden
• Rock Garden
• Open Pollinated
• Native to Northeast
• Mass Planting
• Stream Edge
• Pond Edge
• Native to US
• Moist Shade 

Grows 8-12 inches tall with a spread of  12-18 inches. Hardy in Zones 3-9 . Likes a partial shade area that is moist and fertile with well drained soil.

If you are looking for a deer resistant plant then you can count on Dicentra Eximia Fernleaf Bleeding Heart .

Eximia bleeding Heart may seem slightly fragile but in reality it is a stellar perennial , reliable , self seeds and is there in your perennial gardens year after year.

Collect your seeds in late fall when the pods start turning brown, you can also just let  them self seed outside, you will  have many babies the following spring.  This is a wonderful plant!

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  • diane admin

    Diane Notes: Just collected some seeds from this plant the other day.. Love how it self seeds true to seed.

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