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How to Brew and Make Moo Poo Cow Manure Tea

We are now carrying Authenic Haven Brand Moo Poo Tea Bags.. convenient easy to use manure tea bags that you can use to condition and fertilize your existing and young plants .

Annie Haven makes loving this product easy, she shared  with me some tea bags of cow and alfalfa tea bags.

My job was to see what all the fuss was about, I mean I really never have brewed any compost or manure before, what was the big deal .

I did my research online to see how composted tea in any form can benefit your plants.

I was amazed what I found, and immediately love the idea of brewing my own beneficial tea for not only my houseplants but for my edible plants .

Edible plants that you eat everyday, you want them to be as organic as possible in today’s world.

Moo Poo tea is exactly just what it says, cow manure , dried and stored in easy to use tea bags.

The first question I received was Does it Smell?   Since this is aged composted manure it has  a earthy soil smell .  No offensive smell, in fact I brewed my tea in my basement  and noticed no smell issues.

I am happy to report after brewing for 3 days and seeing the nutrient rich tea, I am loving the ease, convenience , and the quality of the moo poo product.

In this video I will take  you step by step through the process.

Thank You Annie for a truly wonderful product.

Happy Brewing!

Order now moo poo tea bags, Comes in cow, horse or alfalfa.. Make sure and go to my store to see what we all carry today http://picketfencegreenhouse.info

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3Pk Tea Bags Of Cow Manure
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4 Opinions

  • Bdm said:

    Wonderful tip. Do you use the Moo Poo tea full strength? And if diluted, what ratio? Thanks

  • diane admin

    I use it full strength one I let the bag soak in the water for a few days..

  • Cathy said:

    Dear Diane

    I have a pet rabbit can I use her poop to make a tea for my plants? And what should I brew it in.

  • diane admin

    Yes I would think it would be fine, just soak in a nylon and place in water… like 5 gallon bucket to maybe 1 cup of rabbit poo..:) test it cause I haven’t done it , if the water looks real dark and strong just dilute it a little.. hope that helps!

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