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How Important is Watering Your Perennial Plants in the Fall?

Hey its Diane, today I wanted to just share some info on the importance of watering your plants in the fall months of the year.

Now if you are experiencing very dry conditions in the fall months, you want to make sure your newly planted and never hurts your established plants to have a good soaking before hard frost and winter months set in.

If you choose not to water in the fall when you are experiencing a dry spell, you may find out that come next year , your plants may not have made it or just aren’t as expected.

Plants need to settle in for the cooler months, and by watering you are giving them a chance to do so, see the roots will continue to grow until the ground temperature reaches a colder state, sometimes for us here in the Midwest that can be in the December.

Pamper your plants , if they need that extra boost of water in the fall, you will be glad you did so, sometimes Mother Nature does not always give us the rain we need , so supplementing is important part of fall maintenence in your garden beds.

Happy Gardening

Diane Mumm

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