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Useful Tips on How to Create a Water Garden

Water Gardens have become very popular in landscapes today.. but what should you be considering before venturing into construction of a water garden.

The pleasing relaxing sound of water running is so inviting to wildlife .Not only to wildlife but when you can walk outside in your yard and  hear the sounds of water running , you will love how this makes you feel and what will be attracted to your water garden.

Water Gardens need a great location, they do well in a part sun area. Full sun areas tend to have more algae buildup problems so pay attention to location.

There is maintenance involved with contemplating the construction of a water pond. Sure they are beautiful but one must realize there is some work involved in cleaning and keeping them clean.

There is many plants that work in a water garden. You will want to have several different types, floaters , oxgenators, marginal plants, submerged plants such as hardy lilies too.

The more surface  area you cover the less likely the algae problems.

There is many products on the market today for algae problems, I like  the natural approach and use barley bales and surface cover with plants.

Goldfish and Koi do wonderfully in water gardens, and they do reproduce giving you baby fish each season.

You can use a plastic liner , or preformed mold to form your pond . This may be a matter of preference depending on how large you want your water garden.

If you are digging your own water garden and using a liner, make sure you make some shelves within the water garden pond hole area. Shelves within your pond make a great place to place marginal plants , and it add different heights , looks great too.

You also want to have one area of your pond at least 2-3 ft deep, and the reason for that is 1) hot summers, fish need a place to go, the deeper the depth the cooler the water temperature 2) Cold winters,  if you leave your fish outside year around there needs to be a good depth that does not freeze solid so the fish will survive .

You can construct however you choose , natural looking with large river rock , or there  is plenty of other rock available to fit your style .

Water Gardens  are a  wonderful feature in your landscape. Be realistic when venturing into adding to your landscape.

Happy Water Gardening!

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