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Planting A Succulent Container Combination

Planting this succulent combo was so much fun, so fun in fact  I hope to do several more.

When I look at my collection of succulents as a whole I knew I needed to do some potting in combinations.

I am basically running out of room , so placing several in pots will help to free me up for more room for propagation.

You can read about each succulent here Sedum Ogon Variegated Jade  Aloe that was planted within this combination.

Every succulent  in this combo is very easy to care for as a houseplant, I love them, in fact  propagation is easy with each variety.

Succulents can be an addiction  to grow because of the different textures and colors. Their shapes are rather unique and make for a great conversation piece.

Succulents like a well drained catcus  soil , a soil that drains quickly and is able to dry out  quickly  between waterings.

Dressing up your container pots with pea gravel, or rocks of your choice really can and will make your container stand out.

Sun loving and usually easy care drought tolerant plants.

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Try growing some Succulents!

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