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Aloe haworthioides Miniature Aloe

Aloe haworthioides- Miniature Aloe

This is no doubt a beautiful mini succulent that I have come to love growing.

When I look for succulents  I look for unique patterns of textures and unusual forms of succulents. This one falls into those attributes.

Miniature Aloe is very easy and slow growing , but produces offsets from time to time.

I use this one as a houseplant as it is not hardy in my area, does very well as a houseplant near a window or good  lighting.

I do water every week but let it completely dry out between watering’s as it does not like to be over watered.

Drought-tolerant; suitable for xeriscaping, looks great in containers or combination plantings.

Origin is in Madagascar, sub tropical in nature and is considered rare.

I have yet to see them flower, but will produce a red flower, which sounds very beautiful among the speckled texture .

Grows to just 6 inches tall, and is hardy in zones 10-11.

I put together this video  when planting the mini aloe in a combination bowl setting.

Happy Gardening

Diane Mumm

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