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Picket Fence Greenhouse/ Gardens & DianeMummVideos

It’s June 2011, Tour of What is Left in the Greenhouse

It is June 2011 , this is a greenhouse tour here in Iowa of what is left after a growing season.. I hope you enjoy the tour, I love sharing! I continue moving plants thru the summer into the fall months..
I plan on getting this greenhouse clear out by Aug.. I hope I can do it.. the rest of the plants will be moved over in the little greenhouse and perennial yard..

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2 Opinions

  • Lori said:

    Was wondering where to find the bunny tails grass? haven’t seen it here, and live in No. IN, will it be hardy here for a season or periennial? Would love to acquire some, thanks! Lori

  • diane admin

    I only found them via a garden/farm store .. they did not do as well here as I would of like.. but easy to grow..

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