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Journey of a Seed Series-Thunbergia Black Eyed Susan Vine- Orange Beauty

My thoughts this morning are of sharing with you the start of growing from seed , from seed to maturity. I then came up with Journey of a Seed which will become a series of plants from seed to fully grown plants. I hope you enjoy!

(Above) Thunbergia Seeds getting ready to sow

How does a seed start it’s journey and then grows into seedlings from there are transplanted  either  in the ground or larger pot to then take off on it’s beautiful journey of growing into a beautiful plant.

I will take you on their journey from seed to a beautiful grown plant.

Hope to inspire and show you , you can grow from seed and begin on this fun journey.

Thunbergia seedlings – Black Eyed Susan Vine

Thunbergia seedlings – Black Eyed Susan Vine- Look at these large seedlings, grown beautifully and soon to be transplanted so they can expand their roots into a larger more inviting plant.

Fully grown orange thunbergia vine- As you can see it is one of those vines that has a mind of it’s own and just takes off when given the right environment , care and nurturing.

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