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How to Grow Pennisetum Mountain Ruby Grass- An Easy to Grow Ornamental Grass

This was my first year for this grass the Pennisetum Mountain Ruby Grass, and I tell ya it was such a dramatic ornamental showoff in the garden and also in containers.

One thing I really noticed was it’s ability to catch my eye every time I walked outdoors.





















With it’s erect arching tall habit and it’s green colored blades and pinkish- purple plumes I was loving the beauty it brought to the gardens. Plumes from summer to fall and leave for winter interest if you can.

I watched this grass as the wind blew and as the sun shined on it’s plumes I was very pleased how it made such a statement in the garden.

Mountain Ruby Grass can handle hot conditions we were extremely warm this season and it did fine, and can grow in full sun conditions.





















Do not mistake this grass for other ruby grasses, it is easily recognized as another species.

My thoughts are look for this grass next season, you will absolutely love it.

Pennisetum Mountain Ruby Grass is a taller grass reaching heights 30-48 inches.

Grows as a annual in most cases except in zones 9-11 , Hardy to 30 degree weather,  but that didn’t stop me I love all types of ornamental grasses being annual or perennial.

So plant as a landscape grass or as a thriller in containers. You will adore this one!

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2 Opinions

  • Cindy Dunson said:

    Absolutely Gorgeous. I found you while looking for the name of the Purple Hyacinth Bean Vine. I was given some seeds from a neighbor while living in Branson, Missouri. I now live in Charleston, IL. I planted mine this year and they did wonderful. I am in the process of collecting the beans and letting them dry out. You can check out a picture of my vines if you’d like by going to Cindy Dunson, on facebook. There is a header picture of my bean vines. But, back to this grass. This is beautiful too. Might even look nice next to my purple hyacinth bean vines. I love feeding the birds and playing with plants and flowers. I may try this next spring. My outdoor bird friends may enjoy this grass during the winter months. Thanks for your informative, interesting posts. 🙂

  • diane admin

    Hi Cindy, come to my page on facebook search for dianemummvideos I share lots of gardening things there.. I love this vine I have oodles of pods and hoping a freeze holds off until they are mature.. I am a bird lover too.. love the outdoors , so glad you stopped by lover talking with common interest gardeners..:)

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