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Broccoli Plants Blooming


Broccoli Plants  Blooming

Have you ever seen Broccoli Plants Blooming? .  As we are nearing the end of the season this is one plant left in my vegetable garden..

I find it interesting  to leave plants in the ground even though you may have harvested from them earlier in the season.

Broccoli plants are great for just this very reason. They can produce side shoots and also beautiful blooms if left to grow.. They also are much larger than they were with the first harvest..

We had a lot of rain this summer , this set the plants up for huge success..

The broccoli plants can endure cooler temps and still look beautiful. They love cooler weather that is why most plant them early spring months. With the cooler temperatures , it creates the healthiest blue green foliage , and most of all less pests .

The very day I went out and shot these photos there was still some bees and insects flying around the plants..

If your season is long enough you will also have the plant produce flowers and seeds,  another reason to leave  the plants in the ground all season..

The photos below were taken in Mid November .. we have had really nice weather this fall , in the Midwest.

This may not happen every year , we have had the right weather that set them up to produce such big plants with so many beautiful flowers.

So adding some vegetable flowered interest is also a nice feature in the garden. What is not to like about edible flowering vegetables.

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Broccoli Plants Blooming

Broccoli plant blooming

Broccoli Plants Blooming

Yellow Flowers on Broccoli Plant

Broccoli Plants Blooming

broccoli plant flowers

Broccoli Plants Blooming

Broccoli Plant Blooming

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